Poster Size: 14.25" x 39.5"
Image Size: 9.8" x 38.5"

"A couple of years ago, I was asked to do a photograph of Poke-o-Moonshine for a brochure that was being produced. I did some scouting around, and found what looked what be a nice viewpoint to photograph from, and decided that a slightly overcast sky with a mix of sun and clouds would be best since the east face of the mountain was in shadow both early morning and late afternoon. It actually worked out to go to Poke-o to photograph on the same morning I did the photograph from Cascade for the Cascade Dawn poster.

The bushwacking is pretty tough in the area right now. After the big ice storm in 1998, there are treetops and brush everywhere! The view from the ledges at the top of the mountain on the opposite side of the Northway from Poke-o was well worth the effort to get there though...

There are 2 keys on the poster to a selection of rock climbs on the main face - courtesy of Don Mellor, author of 'Climbing in the Adirondacks' (Adirondack Mtn. Club publication / as well as a list of each of the diagrammed climbs and their rating." CH